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Tryme 2 In 1 Hot Spa Shell Machine [#Red]





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42 degree C warm +150 beat per second

👉help skin open pores

👉take all the skin care essentials into your skin

👉special metal conduction scraping probe

👉you also can pull the small V face

Size: 112mm x 78mm x 21mm



# 8000RPM高频率动+42°C温热按摩

 ✔ 温热循环

 ✔ 震动按摩

✔ 脸部提拉

✔ 肩颈纾压

1. 42°C持续温热,提升肌肤循环代谢,按摩时可舒缓疲劳, 有效促进循环,让紧绷的肌肉与肌肤得到最好的释放。

2. 深层震动纾压,每秒150次为震动拍打,使肌肤肌肉做最好的SPA按摩, 协助肌肤提拉运动。

3. 唯一结合脸部按摩与刮痧探头设计,可协助肩颈纾压按摩与排毒, 舒缓上班累积的疲劳,也可于脸部肌肤保养,协助保养精华导入, 肌肤震动按摩,温热提拉促进循环代谢,让肌肤随时保持亮泽光采。



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