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Mirae Thermal Sonic Facial Brush Plus

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Upgraded performance, with added charging stand for the ultimate cleansing experience.




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Effect Cleansing
Ingredient ABS, silicone

Deep cleansing of the skin, bringing impurities to the skin

1. Wipe a small amount of cleansing cream onto your palm, add a little water, and gently wipe to make the bubbles smooth.

2. Press the On / Off switch to turn on the warm light mode. (40 °C warm massage)

3. Clean the face for about 2 minutes.

4. Press the On / Off switch again to switch to daylight mode (different repeatable rotation speed massage without warm setting)

5. Deep clean the T zone for about 1 minute.

6. Rinse the face and machine with water.


Enhance and absorb skin care products

1. Apply some skin care products to your face.

2. Press the On / Off switch to turn on the warm light mode.

3. Use the other side of the machine to massage the face from the bottom to the top and from the inside out.


Mirae Thermal Sonic Facial Brush Plus features a unique silicone "finger" brush design. The touch point is very flexible, it can slide on the skin without overstretching, and it is too long to reach areas that are often difficult to clean. 300 dermatologists recommend silicone microfinger and two different types of treatments. It helps with deep cleansing and skin care treatments. Upgrade 12000 vibration massages for one minute, open the pores with finer vibration, deep clean pores, adjust 8 segments of vibration, 55 ̊C temperature sense mode, enhance cleaning power and import effect, brush head can be bent 30°, use soft and no Dead angle, full machine waterproof, magnetic charging stand is more convenient.

[Content] - 42mm x 35mm x 15mm (length x width x height) / unit

[Power Supply] - USB charging stand (included)



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