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About Face Moisturize
Beauty buffs know best about skin and facial cosmetics. If you are one of them, you’ll know that a face moisturizer and emulsion are both skincare staples in every women’s collection. More so if you are an avid online makeup shopper, then you would know exactly the uses of an emulsion skin care product and its difference from a hydrating lotion. The application of skincare products follows an organized pattern. In order to achieve the best results, you need to perform a step-by-step layering process without shortcuts. As an example, if you have dry skin, apply the hydrating lotion first before the face moisturizer and not the other way around. What is the best type of moisturizer? You can’t be in the league of beauty junkies if you do not know what type of moisturizer works best on your skin. A milk moisturizer is effective in clearing the face of makeup residue and dirt. This milk based skin cleanser is safe on normal to semi-dry skin which is ideally used before bedtime to keep the face clean until the alarm clock rings in the morning. A gel moisturizer is the protection for oily skin. This thin gel easily penetrates clogging pores too because it powerfully wipes out impurities. For dry to sensitive skin, an oil based moisturizer is smooth but the oil component stays on the skin longer and you would need a follow-up, secondary cleanser like a milk moisturizer or gel moisturizer. Gorgeous skin is the result of excellent. A moisturizer, an emulsion mixture and a hydrating lotion serve a definitive purpose in skincare. Buy moisturizers and emulsions in Malaysia today!