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I’m From: Organic Skincare Products For A Flawless Complexion

The secret behind every beautiful complexion is vested in a highly disciplined diet, skincare routine and reliable skincare products. Made in Korea, I’m From has churned out organic skincare products such as face masks, water gels and serums.

Masks are a great way to infuse moisture into your skin while tackling other issues that your skin might be facing. The Honey Face Mask promises a generous concentration of organic herbal honey sourced from Mount Jiri in South Korea. Saturated with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds, I’m From Honey Mask enables intense moisturization that enhances smoothness, firmness and hydration of skin while treating acne and wrinkles!

If you’re looking to improve your skin’s elasticity, try the Ginseng Mask, which is formulated with 3.97% concentrated ginseng extract and guaranteed to deeply cleanse your pores while restoring youth and nourishment to dull skin.

Many Singaporean customers have also reported that the Volcanic Clay Mask did wonders in cleaning and brightening their complexion! The nourishing, soothing and cooling effects of this mask stem from pure volcanic clay retrieved from Jeju Island. Another crowd favourite is the Magnolia Sleeping Mask, packed with magnolia water from the Sobaek Mountains of Korea that induces utmost hydration sans stickiness. Its therapeutic scent also helps with sleep deprivation and stress.

In addition to I’m From’s collection of masks, the Vitamin Tree mask has been proven to detoxify, nourish, brighten and hydrate the skin in just 10 minutes! The usage of fresh vitamin leaves from Taebaek Mountains are exceptionally rich in Vitamin C, minerals and other healing properties. This mask goes well with the Vitamin Tree Water Gel, which is also great for hydrating, moisturizing and brightening your complexion.

You should always start your morning with the Magnolia Wake Essence. A few drops will leave your skin dewy, radiant and refreshed. Another alternative to healthy pores and flawless skin is the Ginseng Serum, which can be used in the morning and night. This serum was cleverly formulated with ginseng extracts that penetrate deep into the skin for increased elasticity and a glowing complexion from the inside out!

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